Stealth Mode Hunter's Soap

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The original Stealth Mode Soap! LUXE Bathhouse exclusive Stealth Mode Soap was formulated for hunters with all the best ingredients that you expect from us, same as always. It smells earthy and will perfectly camouflage you in the woods. You can use this soap to wash in and take it with you to hang next to you to cover any scent. The activated charcoal will help detox the skin and remove odors as well as remove cedar and pine sap from your skin, true hunters know all about this. Tried and tested by hunters so it's hunter approved, go get your hunt on! This is the sample/trial size bar of our full size bar. Weight is approximately 6 ounces per bar. 

Please note that photos are for reference only, each batch of soap is handmade and hand cut so there may be differences in color or pattern. Our soaps are hand crafted so not one bar looks the same as the next.