My Hero Balm™ Story

Hero Balm™


HERO BALM is a registered trademark of Southern Made Scents. This trademarked balm is our exclusive Hero Balm. My name is Nicole Mitchell, I am the owner and founder of Luxe Bathhouse, formerly Southern Made Scents and this is my story of how this balm came to be...

 When I was a child my dad suffered from severe psoriasis ever since I could remember, his hands would always crack open and bleed. It was awful to see him so strong but get down in his hands at times.  He went to different Doctors year after year trying new creams, balms, prescriptions, lotions, ointments... everything, and nothing ever helped; so he dealt with it for many years. As an adult I decided to do a little research, I spent several months researching, reading, and pounding my head against the wall thinking that there has to be something! Finally, I put together a list of several carrier oils, butters and essential oils that were for psoriasis and many other conditions as well, and created a balm just for him. Knowing my father, I knew he would love the balm whether it worked or not, so I brought Dad the balm and told him "I know that you have tried nearly everything but just try this last thing, it can't hurt anything just to try and if it doesn't work or you don't like it, just chunk it." He tried it and started putting it on his hands everyday faithfully because he knew I had made it and he was willing to try again. He called me one morning and told me about how his hands weren’t cracking open anymore and he could actually feel in his hands again. After one month his hands were better than they’d been in years, after two months they continued to get better. So I told him… “I am going to call it HERO BALM because you are my Hero and I formulated it for you.”

Since then I have been testing my balm on a variety of skin conditions. I had kept my niece one day who was four months old at the time, my sister pointed out that she was getting eczema. I made my balm and sent it home with my sister and told her to put it on her spots every day to see if it would help. She went home and applied my balm to the places getting eczema, within a few days the spots of eczema were gone. Now my sister carries the HERO BALM everywhere. If she has a new break out of eczema, she will break out the balm.

My HERO BALM ™  has turned out to be an all-around hero balm helping heal wounds faster, for cuts and scrapes, burns, bug bites, rashes, skin irritations, eczema and psoriasis and the list continues. Of course this balm isn't a miracle balm and it will not cure anything but with continued daily use it will help. 

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Hero Balm™